Starting a Podcast for the first time: Introducing the Haunting Comforts of Teaching Podcast!

According to Greg Ogden, “To underscore the centrality of the discipline required to love God, Paul repeatedly uses either self-control or sober when describing the Christian life...sober doesn’t just refer to not being under the influence of alcohol or drugs but to having our wits about us; we are not to be under the control of an outside influence.”

Lately, a sobering truth dawned on me. I was losing my “wits” in navigating the world of teaching, as stress and the burned out feeling crept on me once more, all the while trying to balance all this with my personal life. It was not so much that I was spending insane hours on my teaching job like my first year (where I spent over 3+ hours every day outside the school schedule almost every day). It was more of my mind, my thoughts, my emotions constantly raging in the crevices of my consciousness. Slowly, negative thoughts and anxiety was taking over my mind again, eating away my sleep and invading my dreams.

So, as a coping mechanism, I turned here, my blog, my safe writing space, to lay out all the haunting thoughts of my teaching and life, intertwined with my faith. When “Anchor” popped out of WordPress when I published my last few posts, I took the chance to turn what I wrote into a podcast. A sense of comfort eased in as I spoke my writing aloud. For this reason, I hope to share stories of finding balance, dissecting struggles, and learning grace as I swim in the waves of teaching amidst figuring out life itself.

Now, I invite you on my journey into haunting comforts of teaching here! Let’s build a community of teachers by sharing our stories together by being present in the rhythms of teaching.

Thank you for stopping by Haunting Comforts, where I share teaching, faith, and life through stories, reflections, and analyses. Subscribe & follow me on Instagram for more updates!

2 thoughts on “Starting a Podcast for the first time: Introducing the Haunting Comforts of Teaching Podcast!

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  1. That’s so cool that you’re trying different mediums. I don’t think I’d fare very well on audio and video, but there’s no avoiding the different mediums if I want to enhance my digital presence. It’s so interesting what you’re doing here. Thanks for sharing, Jennk!

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