Post Birthday Reflection: 3 Reasons on why I named my blog and podcast, “Haunting Comforts”

Listen to the podcast version of this post here. As I shared my Haunting Comforts of Teaching podcast to my friends, I was asked, why "Haunting Comforts"? Another friend even made a comment about how the word "haunting" evokes a creepy vibe like sharing ghost stories, which seems a little disconnected to the current content... Continue Reading →

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Welcome to my blog!

Hi there! Thank you for visiting and checking out my writing. I am Jennk, a middle school English teacher and an aspiring writer. This is my official blog where I will be exhibiting my creative, reflective and academic writing and thoughts on life. I find comfort in digging into the haunting crevices of the human... Continue Reading →

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Recollecting Dreams: A Trip

How much of human desires and behavior are really a "societal construct"? Are our mere human urges a reflection of our ingrained human nature? Photo by Steve Johnson on Everything was broken, but now everything was "right." A friend invited us to go on a trip after a crazy, chaotic war. We drove along... Continue Reading →

Is being a teacher like being a mother?

My old high school ceramic project depicting a Mary Cassatt painting. "Ms. do you have children? Do you want children?" I get these questions every year that I have been teaching. I would always respond in different ways: "No. Maybe later." "Still thinking about it." "I don't know..." And during the year when the pandemic... Continue Reading →


Photo by Mati Mango on You look at me and I look at you. You say something, and I say something. You curse. I record. Tomorrow, we repeat, we hold, we pull, we push... exactly when will this end?

My brain is low on RAM

Photo by Valentine Tanasovich on Today, my brain is low on RAM, jammed, faulty, corrupted. I tried to remember, to search, to dig into the files of two minutes ago, but I'm sorry, what you are looking for is not available.


As we disappear into our cars, we become our cars—these machines in a rush. With each turn, each brake, each push, we forget our pedestrian selves. Our patience, if it ever existed, dissolves, into disintegrating atoms, lost in the wind that ruffles our hair, at the roll of the window. We speed, we cut off,... Continue Reading →

A Good Friday follow-up reflection: Why I get triggered by the phrase “returning to normal” as a teacher

Photo by cottonbro on You can listen to the podcast version of this post here: When I think of "pre-Covid" in my teaching career, I think of the short 2.5 years of prolonged pain, traumatizing classroom management, and meaningful molding in the hands of God. I think of my very first week of... Continue Reading →

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