Slice of Life: Half alive

Half dead,

Half beaten,

Half drained,

Half burned,

Half alive.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on

The first three weeks of teaching ran through me like bullet train. I originally wanted to write about my long term goals for this upcoming school year, but right now, my brain keeps shutting down.

Each week piles on different challenges.

A new mountain of work to climb.

An old haunting memory passed by and seized me, threatening me softly.

A darkness churns in me like Naomi calling herself Mara in the face of famine and death.

I’m running up a hill that keeps getting steeper.

I just want to bury myself away from the world to



and restore myself.

But my vision blurs,

my hand shakes,

my feet crumbles,

as I lay here, staring into the void, attempting to grasp the life

that God has set out before me.

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2 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Half alive

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  1. This is a powerful post. Teaching is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I can totally relate to the ongoing sisyphean struggle of it all. I find that I have to carve out time for myself–writing, being outside, talking with colleagues/friends, etc.– to keep any sort of balance. And I know that this is easier said than done. I hope that you have support systems in your life and strategies to help you as you struggle to find your equilibrium. Take care of yourself.

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