Slice of life Tuesday Prompt: This used to be…and now

This fluffy, pink Easter bunny used to be my sleeping buddy.

I don’t have a name for this bunny, but I snuggled next to it every night, after April 5th, 2015. It was a rare “impractical” gift from my mom. She probably did buy me a bunch of stuffed animals when I was a young elementary child, but I do not remember being attached to any of them. Until this pink Easter bunny.

This was the day of my baptism. My mom had been waiting for this day, which was three months away from my college graduation. Before dipping into the temperate waters of a rectangular homemade pool, I shared my journey of becoming and growing as a Christian—and as a person. The day where my mom looked at me differently.

Ever since high school, I do not remember having any fluffy and warm memories with my mom. She was always very serious and strict with me. No nonsense.

But on this day, on my baptism, she softened up.

I hugged this bunny close before falling asleep for 6 years, yearning for something more.

Now, I am married. Moved out. A couple of miles away from my parents’ home. Not too far. But not too close either.

This pink bunny now sits on the dresser opposite my bed, next to a nice big fluffy Dalmatian dog.

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2 thoughts on “Slice of life Tuesday Prompt: This used to be…and now

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  1. You zoomed out to the past and zoomed in to the present. Thanks for the adventure. My take away is that it really makes sense to be baptized post college or later in life.

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