Slice of Life Tuesday: My remote car key sound gives me peace

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Did I lock my car?

I’m not sure.

I think I did,

or maybe not.

I hope I did.

I know I locked it,

or did I?

I have to be sure…

Let me go back,

and retrace my steps,

since I don’t have a knack

of grasping split-second


I hope the battery

of my remote car key

does not run out.

One click,

One push,

I just need to

hear the sound,

that gives me peace

once more.

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6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: My remote car key sound gives me peace

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  1. Love this poem for many reasons! So evocative!

    First of all, I just had the battery replaced on my remote car keys this summer at the dealer, so it is possible. Also, a small business that I visit annually to have my laptop serviced has a sign on it that requests that people to lock their cars quietly–not to click the remote lock a second time to cause it to honk. Which I perceive as a neuro-divergent person taking care of himself.

    Finally, what would I do without that honk when searching for my car in a grocery parking lots?!!!

  2. Oh my, how many times have those same questions popped through my head leaving me flustered and having to retrace my steps…just close enough so that the lock will ‘beep’ and leave me comforted.

  3. Haha, I definitely do this with the water hose or tap. I sometimes go to bed wondering if I’d turned it off when I was filling the bucket to water the plants, and I _just_ have to check sometimes. Kinda like that desire to feel secure of having your car locked.

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