Slice of Life Tuesday: An Unwanted Laundry War

I have recently stumbled upon a lovely blog by two writing teachers who have a weekly challenge on Tuesdays called “Slice of Life Challenge.” I am going to take on this challenge with my first slice of life, “An unwanted Laundry War.”

It was time to wash the king sized floral blanket that my mother gifted me as a wedding gift. We shopped for it together a week before the big day. I wanted a nice, calm and peaceful design that would soothe and lull me to sleep at night. I believe we got it 50% off.

I folded it over several times and rolled it up to fit my knitted laundry basket. Each step I took down the flight of stairs, across patches of succulents to the laundry room felt heavy. I opened up washing machine #23 and preceded to stuff the kingly fluff down.

I was not sure if it would fit. I had to keep jamming the thick blanket down to fit it into the washer. The directions said to let your load fill the space loosely, but it was pretty cramped down there. As I closed the lid and paid $1.50 on the laundry application, I prayed water flowed when I hit the start button.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard the rush of water. 27 minutes flashed on the machine’s screen. It was time to go.

After about 40 to 45 minutes of cooking and eating lunch, I returned to transfer my blanket into the dryer, but I saw another person in the laundry room. I decided to give that person 15 minutes to finish his business before I return once again.

Unfortunately, when I came back down, I saw my blanket thrown carelessly on the counter next to the machine. I quickly looked at the washer #23 and noticed that it was now washing some other load.

How dare–who did this–what just happened and a bunch of other angry thoughts invaded my brain. Was it that man who was in here before? Or some other neighbor? This was one of my worse anticipated nightmares that came true right before my eyes. I was always worried about not coming down for the laundry in time, because who knows if some random person would just take out your clothes and toss it aside. But it never happened until now. I would see other people leave their clothes in for a much longer time. I would get annoyed, but never have the audacity to touch their clothes.

There were other unused machines in the same room!

What if I stopped that washing machine right now?

What if I toss out whoever’s clothes are in there?

That would serve them right!

I walked over to the washing machine, very tempted to kick it.

But I held back and just walked over to the counter on the right to examine my blanket for any dirt.

I took a deep breath and just delivered my damp blanket into the dryer #24.

Before leaving the room, I took a look at the time of that washing machine. 17 minutes.

Maybe…maybe I can find out who this person is if I come back…

I shook my head and just trudged back to my condo.

When I retrieved my blanket from dryer #24 an hour later, I frowned.

I should not have washed it. The formerly smooth king sized blanket that was so nice and smooth before are now filled with wrinkles. I ran my hands over the floral design, wanting to cry. It was still a little damp on certain spots.

I gathered the worn floral mess and stuffed it back into my laundry basket. After fitting the blanket in, I glared at washing machine #23. The time now read 0 minutes. Curious, I opened the lid and noticed there were still clothes in there. Anger flared up within me again. How dare this person who did not get their clothes out on time dare to take out my blanket?

This is the start of an unwanted laundry war. I closed the lid, and marching straight towards the laundry room door, I muttered to myself, this is not over.

I returned once more to my condo. As I spread out the blanket onto the bed, I noticed a corner was torn. I looked into the gapping edge and stared into the sad white fluff. I imagined my laundry enemy pulling out my blanket roughly out of washing machine #23. Perhaps this corner got caught in the middle, and that person yanked it extra hard. I clenched my fist.

Did the machines do this? Or did that person…?

I will never know. But mother cannot hear of this.

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4 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: An Unwanted Laundry War

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  1. Where do some people get the ‘courage’ to invade another’s life, and handle another’s things…? May be it’s not courage, just the belief that they have the right…!

    I can imagine the same ‘brand of angry thoughts invading the brain’ of the culprit as their alien fingers held your blanket… shame…!

  2. That would piss me off, for sure, especially seeing how there were other unused washing machines in the room. Should’ve stayed there and stalked that machine, just to know whom to blame for the next leg of the laundry wars, lol. Wishing you all the best with laundry days!

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