Stories, friendships & reflections on my teaching credential program with Darling & Blazhia

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In the latest podcast, I sat down with my two friends, Darling & Blazhia, from my old teaching credential program from 7 years ago, and discussed how we became friends and these four central questions reflecting on our teaching credential experience:

What did you think of our teaching credential program?

Did it prepare us for the teaching world?

Where are we now?

Would we go back and still attend this teaching credential program?

After chatting together with Darling and Blazhia, I am reminded once more of the importance of friendship. I have also discovered new insights about my friends. We reveal different parts of ourselves in new situations. True friendships are really hard to come by, especially when you graduate from high school and college and step into the working world. So, remember to hold our friends close and treasure them deeply.

Tune in here!

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