Recollecting Dreams: A Trip

How much of human desires and behavior are really a “societal construct”? Are our mere human urges a reflection of our ingrained human nature?

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Everything was broken, but now everything was “right.” A friend invited us to go on a trip after a crazy, chaotic war. We drove along a freeway and then stopped at a hiking spot. As we hiked a few miles, we entered into some form terrace gardens, like at the Getty Museum. You and I raced through the perfectly trimmed rose bushes, armed with growing thorns. I was winning, but everything turned dark. The paths became windy. We were now in a colorless Squid Game hallway, black and white stairs leading to unknown opening doors. I kept running past you. Suddenly, as I started to open the next door, you jumped passed me into a cardboard box.

Everything seemed so silly.

Then, everything was calm. I was riding in an old neighborhood on a bike to release stress, stress that oozed from my the nonstop piling of teaching plans and duties. I couldn’t get the images the student who kept saying “exactly” after every sentence and the coworker that would ask How I’m Doing out of my head.

I kept riding and riding, but everything went downhill. The brakes were not working properly.

I wanted to get away, but couldn’t stop.

Suddenly, everyone appeared to hold me firmly. The hands felt reassuring on my shoulders, on my waist, on my back…

But I wanted to be alone.

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  1. I love surrealism and this post hit the nail on its head. It seems to radiate the same nostalgic, uneasy dreamy vibes that pictures of liminal spaces do. This unlocks memories of a dream I never had. Dreams are really weird.

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