Making myself suffer to write, or writing because I am suffering?

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Turns out I do not know what I want until I get what I do want.

Or find out that something I didn’t want, is what I want.

Am I stressing out myself to write,

or writing to ease my stress?

Am I cursed to be cursed to write?

Nothing comes out when I am happy.

5 thoughts on “Making myself suffer to write, or writing because I am suffering?

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  1. This is actually a very valid point. I used to think that I couldn’t write during the happy moments of my life, because I need the emotion to do so. Then I began writing regardless and have found that outside influences don’t have to play a role in my craft. It’s a constant journey of learning, so yeah, you’ve captured the common thoughts well!

  2. The curse of creativity is so real. Suffering and art are symbiotic I feel, although I am quite outdated in this type of thinking. Truth is writing can be beautiful fueled with or without suffering. I am still on the journey however, to eradicate this romanticism of pain. I appreciate the introspection of this post, it made me think.

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