The strange trendy addictions of Piggybank Money Clicker in the middle school classroom

Click, click, click click, click click. These furious taps of the keyboard hummed softy, but distinctly in the background as I was teaching the importance of citing textual evidence in my latest Nearpod lesson.

One student’s eyes was focused on my board, writing down notes for the ACE strategy on his notebook with one hand, and with the other hand–tapping, tapping, tapping away on his Chromebook. I was amazed at this student’s multitasking ability.

I later found out, that this game that many of my students played can be downloaded as a Google Chrome Extension, as the “Piggybank Money Clicker.” The point of the game is to click as much as possible, as fast as possible, to make as much money as possible, to buy as much “swag” as possible. I am tempted to try this game out.

Why were so many of my students so obsessed with this game? All you do is, click, click, click, click, click. But that’s it, really. A simple game. A simple, idle clicking game. A game that can pass time, especially if you do not want to pay attention in class, and need something to distract yourself with.

The concept of the game is intriguing though. It’s like a different version of casino gambling games, trying to earn a lot of money with not too much effort. One can always dream. The game plays off people’s desire of winning a lot of money, and using the money to enjoy all that life has to offer, in a confined digital world. But maybe, it is not as easy as it looks. It can be quite tiring, constantly clicking, clicking, clicking, nonstop. As students click through the game, a nice, calming yet upbeat instrumental song plays in the background. Certain students, desiring to evoke some laughs in the class, would anonymously blast it for a few seconds during classwork time.

I’m entertaining the idea of encouraging students to review this game. What makes this game so special? What makes them want to keep playing it?

Shall I try this game out?

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