Weekly Spotlight: Park Chan-wook’s Thirst

My short review on Park Chan-wook’s vampire thriller, Thirst.

The Exhibit Unbound

Who’s in the mood for a Korean film about vampires?

*Possible spoilers—read at your own risk.*

Thirst is a stunning mix of Meyer’s Twilight vampire series and Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. Park Chan-wook weaves a tragically beautiful and psychological tale between two lovers, Father Hyun (a catholic priest) and Tae-ju (Hyun’s childhood friend’s wife). In the beginning, Father Hyun accidentally turns into a vampire through a tainted blood transfusion. Because of the tainted transfusion, Hyun develops forbidden sexual desires (this can be debated), and starts an affair with Tae-ju.

Throughout her whole life, Tae-ju has been trapped in a domestic space, dominated by her husband, Kang Woo, and her adoptive “mother” until Father Hyun (literally) steps into her life. The violent passion in the relationship between Tae-ju and Father Hyun matches with that of Heathcliff and Cathy in Wuthering Heights, where despite how both couples are forbidden to be…

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